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The Luthiers of Hindman, KY

I am very excited about this episode because we get to experience a community of passionate artisans, teachers, and musicians who are part of a century old tradition in Knott County,  located in Eastern Kentucky.

My friend Mark and I went to Hindman, KY to talk with folks at the Hindman Artisan Center. Hindman and Knott County have played a pivotal role in the design, production, and dissemination of the mountain dulcimer and its evolution into a uniquely American instrument.

The people we interviewed are luthiers — they design, build, and repair string instruments. Anyone can become an apprentice at the center and learn to make instruments of their own. They also provide a local workshop that’s open to the public daily.  The Hindman Artisan Center also sells and displays musical instruments of all kinds – not just dulcimers. So if you live in the area, I strongly encourage you to visit the center and get to know Mike, Doug, Earl, and Joe. I would like to thank Mark for introducing me to the center and asking some very interesting questions.

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